Help stop war on Iraq!

Submitted by AWL on 29 November, 2002 - 5:06

According to a recent report, Medact, a British organisation affiliated to the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, the total number of deaths on all sides during a war on Iraq and the following three months could be between 48,000 and 261,000. War in Iraq even of short duration would initially kill three times the number of people who died in the September 11 terrorist attacks.

However, as the report's authors point out, "the US goal of leadership change is counterbalanced by Saddam Hussein's goal of survival, so a short, clinical campaign is probably wishful thinking." The reports' aim? "We're making a last ditch effort to make people see reason, to think about the consequences."

We too can try to ensure reason overcomes. Join the action

A Nonviolent Die-in Against War and Sanctions on Iraq.
Bringing the human cost of war to the PM's door. Monday 2 December
Start 10.30am, Whitehall Place (off Whitehall), London SW1.
Please bring bandages and torn clothes to help create a scene from the war zone.
Organised by voices in the wilderness uk and ARROW.
Contact voices on t: 0845 458 2564 (local rate call)
e: and

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