Getting Away With Murder

Submitted by Janine on 21 October, 2004 - 7:15

The Off The Rails quiz

Following the Potters Bar crash, who got £1 million bonuses?
(a) Jarvis’ directors?
(b) relatives of the dead?

And who got £10,000 each?
(a) Jarvis’ directors?
(b) relatives of the dead?

For which of the following fatal rail crashes has anyone been successfully prosecuted?
(a) Ladbroke Grove?
(b) Hatfield?
(c) Potters Bar?
(d) Selby?
[answer: (d), because they managed to pin it on an ordinary bloke rather than a company]

Network Rail chiefs refused to meet families of the Potters Bar victims because:
(a) they couldn’t be bothered?
(b) they would have found it embarrassing?
(c) they had an important golf tournament to go to?
(d) they said it would “serve no purpose”?

Charges of manslaughter against Gerald Corbett and other Railtrack directors arising from the deaths at Hatfield were:
(a) pursued to a just conclusion?
(b) heard in a full and open court hearing?
(c) dropped without even going to trial?

The Labour Party promised ten years ago to introduce a new crime of corporate manslaughter, but:
(a) has not got round to it yet?
(b) is unlikely to do so until after the next election?
(c) is dragging its feet because the railway bosses want to keep on killing people and getting away with it?
(c) all of the above?

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