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Submitted by Anon on 27 June, 2005 - 11:37

No Sweat is an activist organisation committed to making practical solidarity with sweatshop workers worldwide. We have run campaigns in support of workers producing for Puma and Nike in central Mexico (£2.50 per day), and stitching Levi’s jeans in Haiti for £10 per week. We have protested in support for Indonesian sweatshop workers slaving for Reebok and Adidas. We have worked with Iraqi trade unionists, raising money and support to help their new unions. We have protested to support Chinese trade unionists that have been jailed by the regime for organising strikes.

And because we realise that sweatshops exist in the First World, as well as the so-called Third World, we have exposed sweatshops in the East End of London and worked with French activists aiming to unionise fast-food restaurants in Paris.

No Sweat is a new and rapidly developing initiative. We depend on your support, time, imagination. If you can help us organise, protest and make solidarity — get in touch!

Stay in touch

Post: PO Box 36707, London SW9 8YA. Email: Phone: 07904 431 959. Email us and ask us to add your address to our weekly e-letter. Visit our website, and find sweatshop briefings, the latest news, listings and extensive web links. You can also buy No Sweat t-shirts, pamphlets and badges.

Join No Sweat

Annual membership costs £2 for individuals, £50 for local organisations and £500 for national bodies. Individuals can join by sending £2 to our PO Box address (above), making cheques out to “No Sweat”, or on-line at our web site.

Invite a speaker

Why not ask a speaker to your next union meeting? Or invite us to speak at your college? Or invite us into your school. We can show films, introduce discussions or tell you about our latest campaigns.

Help us by making donations towards our work

Contact No Sweat and we will send you a standing order form to make regular contributions to help our work. We have no big bureaucratic structure — all your money goes directly to help our campaigning activity.

No Sweat in Edinburgh

Drop in and meet No Sweat at Edinburgh Trade Union Resource Centre, 26 Albany Street, from Friday 1 to Monday 4 July.

No Sweat’s contingent on the 2 July MPH march will assemble in the Meadows from 11am. Look for our banners and march with us. Protests outside GAP and Disney on Princes Street on the Saturday morning.

No Sweat’s meetings at the G8 Alternatives event in Edinburgh on Sunday 3 July:

  • Workers in Iraq and Iran — 10 am, Paterson’s Land, Holyrood Rd/St John’s St, room G42
  • Building global solidarity — 10 am, Paterson’s Land, room 1.19

Students Against Sweatshops at the G8 - phone 07910 846 952

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