Galloway to challenge SSP?

Submitted by AWL on 27 February, 2006 - 6:03

The Scottish version of the Sunday Times says that George Galloway may stand for the Scottish Parliament wherever he can find a "highly dissatisfied" "ethnic component" in the electorate.


"His Respect party had agreed not to field candidates in Scottish Elections. However, Galloway is said to have since received several requests to stand north of the border and he believes the decline of the SSP, following the departure of Tommy Sheridan as leader, has left an opening for another hard-left party in Scotland.

"'George has not ruled out standing in another Westminster constituency but he is more likely to stand in the Scottish parliament and/or the European parliament. He gets a lot of requests to stand in Scotland, particularly as the SSP has weakened,' said Ron McKay, his spokesman. 'The triumph in Bethnal Green was because there was a large ethnic component and a highly dissatisfied electorate. If you had the same elements in Scotland then obviously he would do well.'

"McKay said Galloway was close to Sheridan and had tried to persuade him, without success, to defect to Respect".

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