Fined a thousand a month

Submitted by Anon on 1 May, 2003 - 11:24

For more than twenty years, Glenroy Watson has been a train driver on London Underground. In that time, he has also been an RMT representative, and the most persistent champion of black workers on the Tube. London Underground Ltd (LUL) would love to get rid of him - or, at least, to undermine him and what he stands for.

When an incident occurred on the Victoria Line involving Glenroy, LUL saw its chance. Although it was the sort of incident that would usually result in a manager having a quiet word with the driver concerned, the company has disciplined Glenroy and reduced him to the grade of Station Assistant for a year - in effect, a fine of £1,000 per month.

Glenroy's supporters - both Tube workers and activists from the wider labour movement - have been meeting regularly to organise the campaign for his reinstatement as a driver. They understand that this is not just about Glen, but about resisting a management attack which, if unchallenged, would give the company the confidence to further attack the union and to ignore the pressing need to tackle racism.

RMT's London Transport Regional Council has resolved to build towards a strike across the whole Underground to defend Glenroy.

  • Next campaign meeting: Thursday 8 May, 5pm, Red Rose Club, Seven Sisters Road. Nearest tube: Finsbury Park.

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