Fight for a workers' government

Submitted by Anon on 5 March, 2006 - 12:00

We work to reorganise and reorient the labour movement around a fight
for the objective of a workers' government, a government based on,
accountable to, and serving the organised working class.
We work to rally all trade unions and working-class organisations to
fight for - and to back election candidates committed to:

* liberation of unions from the shackles riveted on by Tory laws.
Re-instate the right to take essential trade union action, such as
solidarity strikes
* restoration of the National Health Service and the welfare state as
public services, publicly-owned, publicly-controlled
* a decent minimum wage for all
* equal education opportunities: free primary, secondary and tertiary
education for all
* return to public ownership of industries and services flogged to
their mates by the Tories and New Labour, this time under proper
democratic control
* tax the rich: expropriate the big banks and financial institutions
which dominate economic life through the "casino economy" of high
finance. Re-direct bank funds into job creation and improved welfare
for all.

Class is the decisive test. Make class politics the centre of labour
movement concerns! If the labour movement doesn't fight for a
working-class government, then it will get a bourgeois (Tory, or
Blairite-Brownite) one. That is the lesson of Labour's 15-year drift
to the right between 1982 and 1997 in pursuit of government office,
and its miserable performance once in office.

An effective workers' government, with the scope and power to submit
European capitalism to its control, must be a Europe-wide government.
The aim of a workers' government in Britain points directly to a
workers' united Europe. A workers' government in Britain and in
Europe - these aims will give focus, drive, and sense to mass
working-class politics.

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