Fascists seen off in Liverpool

Submitted by AWL on 18 August, 2015 - 5:53 Author: Joe Cullen

The anti-fascist demonstration against National Action’s “white man march” in Liverpool on Saturday 15 August, was a resounding success.

The demonstration saw hundreds of loud and proud anti-fascists heavily outnumbering about 20-25 racists trying to organise a march in the city.

The fascists were completely unable to organise from the outset, and were besieged several times, including a inside a pub and behind the shutters of the train station’s lost luggage office. They recieved little to no support from the public and were eventually escorted away by swarms of police officers.

A Unite Against Fascism demonstration on the pier head (approximately 2 km from the fascists’ start point) happened simultaneously. However it is reported that many of the people attending soon left to join the demonstration in the city centre.

Although the demonstration prevented any fascist organisation, it felt at times like being part of a vigilante mob, chasing around a small group of people, rather than a group with an important political message. Opportunities for good chanting were missed (for example, pointing out the heavy police protection the racists received).

On the whole it was a great effort from many brave comrades in the face of heavy police intimidation tactics, in which a few arrests were made.

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