Fascists and anti-fascists clash in Dover

Submitted by Matthew on 4 February, 2016 - 9:17 Author: Adrian Noble

In one of the most violent street clashes of recent times, on Saturday 30 January in Dover fascists, including the National Front and English Defence League splinter groups, fought with hundreds of anti-fascist protesters in Dover.

Anti-fascists broke through police lines to try to stop a fascist anti-migrant march. Many people on both sides were injured by flying bricks and by weapons. After a lengthy battle, the police eventually contained the anti-fascists and allowed the fascist protest to continue to a rally where speeches decried “Third World scum”.

Earlier, four coaches organised by the London Anti-fascist Network inadvertently stopped at the same service station outside Maidstone as a coach of far-right protesters. The far right went back to their coach to pick up weapons. All of the windows of one of the anti-fascist coaches were smashed while people were inside, and two other coaches, one fascist, were damaged. One neo-Nazi daubed a
swastika on a coach in blood.

Not for years have the NF been so brazen, with fascists openly giving the Nazi salute. Hindered by the police’s detainment of 120 activists outside Maidstone, the anti-fascists were too few to stop the fascists marching through the streets. The left should sit up and start taking the increasing confidence of the far-right movement seriously.

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