European Social Forum: You have to be there!

Submitted by Daniel_Randall on 24 September, 2004 - 12:00

By Joan Trevor

Last-minute preparations are being made for the 3rd European Social Forum, less than a month away. While it’s far from being the ESF we — or many others — would have wanted, it will still be an immensely significant and enjoyable event.

Taking place mainly around Alexandra Palace in north London, and in the Bloomsbury area of central London, the ESF and fringe events are likely to draw 20,000 people — anti-capitalists, ecologists, socialists, NGOs, trade unionists, pacifists, of all shades of opinion. Readers of Solidarity should be there!

The seminar programme, shrunken compared to previous ESFs due to shortage of funds, is nonetheless interesting. There are far more sessions about the role of trade unions and workers’ movements, for instance, than in Florence and Paris.

The workshop programme will be firmed up soon — we will put details on as soon as we can.

Book for the main event at Find details of the fringe events at And join Workers’ Liberty and No Sweat activists at the ESF.

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