ESF set for October

Submitted by Anon on 16 April, 2004 - 8:37

Tony Jeffries

On Saturday 27 March around 70 people met in Birmingham for the Organising Committee of the third European Social Forum (a gathering of campaigners opposed to neo-liberalism, capitalism, or war).

A number of decisions were made at the meeting on 27 March; some remitted to the next Co-ordinating Committee; and some to the next Organising Committee, which will be held at 6pm at the London School of Economics on 13 April.

  1. The ESF will be on Friday 15-Sunday 17 October. Plenaries, seminars and workshops will take place on Friday and Saturday; Sunday will see the assembly of the social movements in the morning, and a demonstration in the afternoon.
  2. The main venue will be Alexandra Palace in north London. Other meeting places are being found around Bloomsbury, central London.
  3. A model of the legal entity for the London ESF was approved after much arm-twisting.
  4. The basic shape of the London ESF will be a few plenaries, with fewer platform speakers than at previous ESFs. More emphasis will be placed on seminars and workshops. The number of plenaries, the number of seminars, the main themes of the London ESF, etc., will be decided by the next European assembly, to be held in Istanbul on 16-18 April.

The entry fees to the ESF have been set very high - £40/£30. This is to balance the books. The London ESF cannot expect to get any state funding. Attempts will be made to subsidise people who cannot otherwise afford to come especially people from eastern Europe and further afield.
Sadly, there is little appetite to organise a women's day during this London ESF, like the one at last year's Paris ESF.

  • Temporary official website for the London ESF
  • An unofficial website is here
  • Set up to mobilise people from the UK to go to the Florence and Paris ESFs, this site still has useful information./a>
  • European Creative Forum has an event on Saturday 10 April, in Peckham, south London. Details:

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