Elizabeth must stay!

Submitted by Anon on 4 June, 2006 - 10:34

Elizabeth, whose surname cannot be used for fear that her family will suffer, is a Ugandan lesbian who fled to the UK in 2004. One night, after being out with friends at a secret gay club, she was visited by people she believes were government agents, bundled into a car and taken to a so-called “Safe House” — unofficial prisons where torture is regularly practiced. Before her escape she was held for five months, during which repeatedly raped, whipped and beaten.

Elizabeth’s claim to asylum, and her appeal, have been rejected because while the adjudicators accepts that homosexuals are persecuted in Uganda, they do not believe this applies to lesbians! They also question her identity as a lesbian because she has a daughter. Elizabeth has been detained and is now booked onto a flight to Uganda on Friday 2 June — despite the fact that her solicitor is compiling evidence for a new application, due to be completed on 8 June.

Elizabeth’s partner, Patience, has not been heard of for some time; Elizabeth’s fears she has been abducted and detained. She needs our help!

• Ring Dallas Court Immigration Centre on 0161 880 5726, and fax them on 0161 880 5748, expressing your outrage and quoting reference number K1182008

• Visit www.elizabethmuststay.co.uk and sign the petition

• Get involved with the campaign by
emailing beth_aze@hotmail.co.uk.

Elizabeth Must Stay — Campaign Launch

6pm, Thursday 6 July.

Lesbian and Gay Centre, Sidney Street, Manchester.

•Human rights groups report of a “dramatic escalation of intimidation and persecution” of gay and lesbian activists in Uganda as result of a government campaign. Ugandan authorities are following the Church in demonising homosexuality in the country.

Read more: www.afrol.com/articles/14993.

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