Don't Boycott World Pride

Submitted by Anon on 25 September, 2005 - 5:12

From Outrage!

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has endorsed a boycott of World Pride, which is due to be held in Jerusalem in 2006 (see the statement by Diane Langford of the PSC on the website

OutRage! opposes the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the abuse of Palestinian human rights.

We would endorse World Pride including the slogan “No Pride in the Israeli Occupation”

But OutRage! cannot support a boycott of World Pride. Progressives do not boycott liberation struggles. We support them.

World Pride is an expression of the global struggle for queer liberation. It deserves international support.

Boycotting oppressive Israeli institutions is justified, but boycotting a celebration of queer life, culture and human rights is a reactionary stance that plays into the hands of homophobes.

A boycott of World Pride in Jerusalem would not aid the queer or Palestinian struggles. It would cause rejoicing by homophobic fundamentalists from the Christian, Judaist and Muslim faiths — all of whom want World Pride banned.

The proposed boycott puts the PSC in the same camp as these reactionary fundamentalists.

Those who want a boycott of World Pride ignore the violent persecution of LGBT people in Palestine. For details: see the OutRage! website.

Homophobia exists in Israel too and we condemn it. But it is nowhere near the same scale and viciousness as Palestinian homophobia. We find it shocking that the PSC — and much of the left — is silent about this violent victimisation of Palestinian queers.

World Pride is in solidarity with the LGBT liberation struggles in Israel, Palestine and worldwide. A boycott would be a tragic betrayal of the quest for universal queer freedom.

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