Disney sells poisonous pyjamas

Submitted by Anon on 27 April, 2004 - 9:25

Greenpeace is targeting Disney. On 15 April Greenpeace activists dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse climbed the UK headquarters of Disney and unfurled a massive banner highlighting the company's contempt for its customers. Despite being told six months ago that tests showed that Disney-branded pyjamas contain toxic chemicals, the company has refused to remove the affected products from sale.
In tests on five pairs of pyjamas available at Disney, a toxic chemical called nonylphenol, that can interfere with human DNA and affect sperm production in mammals, was found. Also present in the children's garments were phthalates, which can cause liver, kidney and testicular damage and are banned from teething toys. Formaldehyde, which is suspected to cause cancer, was found in Finding Nemo pyjamas.

Mark Strutt from Greenpeace, said: "Disney have consistently ignored all our warnings about these pyjamas and the damaging chemicals they contain. So we've come here today to make sure Disney and their staff know that these pyjamas are harmful and they must stop selling them.

"It's scandalous that the Government allows irresponsible companies like Disney to sell harmful products containing hazardous chemicals, even though safer alternatives are available."

The products affected include Buzz Lightyear pyjamas for boys, Piglet pyjamas, Tigger pyjamas with caption "100% Cheeky", Tigger pyjamas with caption "Come on in little buddy".

A Greenpeace report, Toxic Childrenswear by Disney, details independent analysis of Disney garments bought in 19 different countries.

For more information, contact the Greenpeace press office on 020 7865 8255.

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