Discussing left unity

Submitted by martin on 4 April, 2003 - 12:52

In Solidarity 3/26 we printed an appeal for discussion and collaboration on the left so that we can unite the maximum forces for effective action in the new political ferment around us.
Over the coming weeks we will carry comments, responses, objections, starting in our next issue with a contribution from Alan Johnson.
Alan argues: "The call for unity on the revolutionary left issued by the AWL is very much to be welcomedÂ… [but] the first problem is that it is UK-limited. Unity is better pursued at a European level [building on] the ongoing discussions that have involved a variety of revolutionary groups in Europe under the auspices of the LCR, the French section of the USFI, since the late 1990sÂ… The AWL's ideas - precious ideas about Stalinism, consistent democracy, the kind of anti-authoritarian yet activist organisation we need - and its rich experience - of building among the union rank and file, in the student unions, of Marxist electoral work, of organising campaigns like No Sweat today - should be taken right inside these European discussionsÂ…"
The appeal also needs supplementing by discussion on "how can the revolutionary left act so as unite the forces of the labour movement and the movement of movementsÂ…"
"The politics of Lenin and Trotsky do have much to say to the present momentÂ… It is a rich and precious tradition. But it is not fully adequate to today and we should not expect it to be. We have to think for ourselves and think collectively as part of the movement of movements, knowing when to listen and learn and when to speak".
To follow the discussion, or to contribute, subscribe to Solidarity, and visit the web page for the discussion, www.workersliberty.org/unity.

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