Debate and Discussion: Respect Correction

Submitted by Daniel_Randall on 28 January, 2005 - 5:46

One statement that must be corrected in Amina’s letter (Solidarity, 3/64) is Respect “takes no concrete stand in favour of abortion or homosexuality”.

At Respect’s November conference last year, two motions were passed with overwhelming majorities.

These included motion 38 which read “Respect opposes any change in legislation that restricts abortion rights, and supports a woman’s right to choose”.

Motion 57 called for “an end to discrimination against lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people”, “equal partnership and pension rights”, and “strong policies to tackle homophobia in all public bodies”. Pretty concrete positions, if you ask me.

Amina lives in Canada and should be pardoned for her honest mistake. Solidarity should not.

Joe Wills

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