Death threats made against Iraqi trade unionist

Submitted by Pete on 26 December, 2004 - 4:34

We have recently received from Labour Friends of Iraq the following communication about threats made to Nozad Ismail, President of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions in Kirkuk.

We have asked the LFIQ for more information about these attacks and will post them when they are received.

December 22, 2004

Urgent Global Labour Alert issued by Labour Friends of Iraq

We are appealing to the international labour movement to help avert the assassination of a trade union leader, 40 year
old Nozad Ismail who is the President of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions in Kirkuk.

Nozad has already survived two assassination attempts this year at the hands of the so-called 'resistance'.
He receives daily death threats.

The only weapon we have to help Nozad is publicity. We aim to make the cost of murdering him too high by publicising his case and demanding the resistance stop intimidating him and threatening his life.

There is no single authority upon which we can place demands or focus pressure.
The people who wish to kill Nozad don't organise openly. This appeal is, therefore, different from
cases where someone has been imprisoned but is no less urgent.

What you can do:

Pass this motion in your party or union branch and tell the local newspapers.

This (union branch/party branch/CLP) notes that Nozad Ismail, the President of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions in Kirkuk has twice survived assassination attempts by the so-called resistance and is subject to daily death threats. We call upon the international labour movement to extend solidarity to Nozad in the hope that these acts of solidarity and resulting publicity may make the cost of murdering him too high. We believe that increased solidarity with Iraqi democrats like Nozad will also contribute to the success of the forthcoming elections which can secure a sovereign and democratic Iraqi government, which can best tackle the so-called resistance, from which these threats emanate.

Tell us that you support this initiative – email us at - and we will collate the lists and use it to focus maximum international attention. We will pass all motions and expressions of support to Nozad


Added 29th December 2004

Comrades will see from Janine's comments below that the AWL would not agree with the sentiments of the last sentence regarding the
likely 'success' of the Iraqi elections. Nevertheless comrades might like to raise the issue of solidarity with Nozad using different formulations.

We still await further information regarding Nozad's circumstances and will post them when received.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 28/12/2004 - 06:07

Nozad and all his gangs friends are not and never present Iraqi Labours union. This traitor and his gangs are only dogs looking for bones from the criminal occupation. The Iraqi Resistance are presenting all the real people of Iraq the Iraqis with no doll of the citizenships like the criminal Allawee or the thiefe Challabi or other
criminals traitors who came with the American occupation.No union,election, and govrnment will be presenting the Republic of Iraq and Its people. Iraqis all are resistance to defeat the criminal occupation and will liberate Iraq soon very soon. Viva Iraq and Iraqi Resistance.Death to the criminal occupation.

Submitted by Janine on Tue, 28/12/2004 - 13:30

Full support and solidarity to Nozad - it must be a terrifying situation to be in. It also speaks volumes about the 'resistance' that they point their guns not just at occupying soldiers but at Iraqi trade unionists.

The supporters of the resistance who claim that they represent and unite all the Iraqi people in a national liberation struggle against the occupation are either hopelessly naive or basically anti-working-class.

That said, I won't be proposing the resolution as worded to my union branch. I'm afraid that it is also naive to anticipate "the success of the forthcoming elections which can secure a sovereign and democratic Iraqi government".

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