Chinese police attack factory occupation

Submitted by Anon on 8 October, 2004 - 9:51

More than 1,000 military and other police sent by the Chongqing municipal government stormed a factory occupation on 30 August. The factory was formerly owned by the Chinese army. A young worker was reportedly beaten in the police action and then disappeared.

According to the China Labour Bulletin, the workers occupied the factory on 18 August when the local government sold it to a private company for 22 million yuan, although it was worth 10 times that amount.

The factory owed many workers unpaid wages prior to its restructuring, claimed it would repay them afterwards, but reneged on the promise. Workers made unemployed now receive the monthly minimum living allowance of just 80 yuan from the government.

Workers have vowed to continue their protest against the factory sell-off and in defence of their basic living standards and livelihood.

More information on the China Labour Bulletin website.

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