Campaign to stop expulsions of Corbyn supporters

Submitted by Matthew on 20 November, 2015 - 1:39 Author: Sacha Ismail

As we campaign against the expulsion of five Workers’ Liberty supporters from the Labour Party, we are coming into contact with other left-wingers expelled or barred from joining.

The specific “charges” against these comrades vary widely, but all the exclusions come down to politically motivated acts against left-wingers because they are left-wingers. They also have in common a lack of proper democratic procedure – or possibly even proper legal procedure. They are all carried out by the “Compliance Unit”, a shadowy body with no status in the Labour Party constitution.

We will work with other expelled or barred individuals, and with anyone in the Labour Party and its affiliated organisations who wants to oppose and stop these witch-hunts, to set up a formal campaign against the purge and for democratic rights in the party.

What you can do

1. There should be a launch organising meeting for the campaign in mid-December: we hope to publish details in the next issue.

2. The Labour left network Red Labour has put out a statement calling for the expulsions of Workers’ Liberty supporters to be overturned. It has already been signed by two hundred Labour Party and labour movement activists. You can see the statement here. To add your or your organisation’s name please email Stop the Labour purge

Please also print off the statement and use it as a petition at your labour movement meeting.

3. Red Labour have also produced a model motion, which you can find here. Please put to your CLP, trade union branch or other organisation. The more awareness, noise and fuss we create about this, the more likely it is that we can overturn these expulsions, and the more likely that the party machine can be scared off further attacks on the left — and on Corbyn. This is a struggle with potentially very big implication for the struggle over Labour’s future.

• For more information, email Stop the Labour purge

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