Is Camfield a left candidate?

Submitted by Anon on 1 May, 2003 - 11:13

By Tom Willis

Some people in the TGWU seem to be under the impression that Barry Camfield is the left wing candidate for General Secretary. He is no such thing.
Camfield is part of the back scratching, do-nothing clique that control the union executive. They make sure that the union is run as a job club for their buddies rather than as a serious organisation. The GEC clique have no interest whatsoever in doing the hard graft that is required to rebuild the union in the workplace and to confront the employers.

Camfield might like to pose as a left-winger in Labour Party terms, but as a trade unionist his record is far from impressive. Recently he helped scupper the fight for a joint claim across the London bus companies and supported the attack on the Irish region.

Tony Woodley is far from perfect, but - unlike Camfield - at least he won't be an obstacle to rebuilding workplace organisation. And that is the key priority for the TGWU.

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