Bread and Roses - an evening of Socialist Feminism in Newcastle 2 May 2016

Submitted by Newcastle on 4 May, 2016 - 12:07 Author: Anthony English
Socialist Feminism gig at the Cumberland Arms in Newcastle

With a spiraling list of performers and an unconfirmed set-list, our evening celebrating all things socialist and feminist was beginning to make Live Aid look like a lot of fuss about nothing.
However, as history has so often taught us, triumph can be found lurking in the jaws of disaster.
So it was that on a bank holiday Monday at The Cumberland Arms in Ouseburn, a veritable feast of music, poetry and drama unfolded before us.
Two prominent themes emerged as the each performer/speaker regaled us with their own unique perspective on the role of feminism in shaping the class struggle.
Firstly, the heartbreaking poignancy of sacrifice is often too readily forgotten.
Secondly, that feminism and socialism are an inseparable force and our only option for achieving true, uncompromised equality.
We laughed, we cried, we snacked on delicious bread rolls. Most importantly, it allowed us a moment to reflect on the struggles of the past and the valuable lessons they have to offer us all.

Forty people attended helping us raise £100 for Peace of Mind (supporting women asylum seekers and refugees in the north east) as well selling 6 copies of 'Why Socialist Feminism?', there are plans to do something similar again in the Autumn.

*photos thanks to Bethany Elen Coyle

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