Biggest ever left slate in Unison

Submitted by Anon on 1 May, 2003 - 11:17

Unison is in the midst of re-electing its National Executive Council. For the first time, the whole committee is being elected at once, which creates the opportunity for big changes in the shape of the committee, but also creates a dilemma - how to maximise the vote.
Traditionally, these elections have attracted a tiny turnout, with often only a couple of hundred votes dividing winners from losers. In the nationally elected seats, this can lead to the odd situation of work in a couple of big branches having a massive impact on the result.

This year, the Unison United Left is fielding its biggest slate of candidates so far, with 34 people standing in the regional and national positions, including, for the first time, a full slate in the national Health Service Group seats - Mark New, Kate Ahrens, Margaret Bean and Adrian O'Malley.

All Unison members should ensure they and their colleagues vote in this vital election which could see a radical shift in the make-up of the leading body of Britain's biggest union.

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