Beat back the racists!

Submitted by Anon on 23 March, 2004 - 9:01

Racists. Rich racists. Media billionaires cynically using racism to create scapegoats. Britain has too many of them.
One sick tabloid headline after another tries to make the gullible believe that Britain's big problem is too many migrants, too many refugees winning asylum, or migrants getting a few thousand pounds in social security.

Not a word about the billions siphoned off in profits by big companies and banks, British and international. Not a word about the social cost of cuts and privatisation.

Nor about the government policies, Tory and New Labour, of running down council housing, or about the landowners' hammer-lock on new house-building.

The Mail, the Express and the Sun do not even report the 720,000 homes standing empty in Britain, or the 600,000 jobs standing vacant.

They do not splash the rise in racist attacks. In Glasgow, for example, a housing charity found that 174 out of 621 ethnic minority families had suffered racial harassment over the last year, 40-odd of them physical attacks.

Workers and their families, from Kosova or China, Eastern Europe or Asia, should be welcome here. The racist media billionaires should not.

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