Balls to the Budget!

Submitted by Matthew on 15 July, 2015 - 12:34 Author: Hannah Wood

Disabled People Against Cuts held a budget day demonstration in Westminster.

The theme of “Balls to the Budget” saw people throwing a wide variety of balls at the gates of Downing Street as Osborne was due to leave to deliver the budget speech to parliament.

Several hundred strong, the lively demonstration went on to march to Westminster Bridge and block the road. Tourists looked on bemused as a large banner reading “Balls to the budget” was hung over the wall on the south side of the river opposite the Palace of Westminster.

Hopefully some of the MPs inside got the message that the public are NOT all on board with austerity.

Later on Budget Day there were further protests. Alex Booth, school student, writes: “We were protesting against the Budget as it cuts benefits for those who need them the most, like disabled people.

“But young people feel as if we are being ignored. We set off from outside the Houses of Parliament after the police nicked our megaphones. Then we lay down in the road.

“After that, we went to Downing Street and protested outside — then on to Trafalgar Square.”

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