AWL takes debates on tour

Submitted by on 7 April, 2003 - 12:59

Alliance for Workers' Liberty speakers have been touring the country to speak on the war in Iraq and argue our views - no to war, no to Saddam, solidarity with the peoples of Iraq, working-class action as the core of anti-war activity, no alliance with Islamic fundamentalism.

At the end of March - AWL meetings or joint meetings with AWL speakers - were held in Newcastle, Salford University, Leeds University, Leeds city, and Birmingham. Over the next week or so further meetings are planned in Nottingham, in Oxford, and at Sheffield University.

All the meetings except Birmingham's attracted people beyond the circle of those who usually attend our events. Leeds University was
the best turnout, with maybe 100 people at a teach-in (part of it unfortunately held in a very large hall which might have held 500!)

Somewhat surprisingly, the basic "no to war, no to Saddam" message attracted no controversy except in Birmingham, where a very useful
discussion teased through the implications of it. Most controversial, probably, was our opposition to the anti-war movement inviting the Muslim Association of Britain (Muslim Brotherhood) to co-sponsor its demonstrations.

Debates also covered a wide range of other issues: the ramifications of US strategy; consumer boycotts, small-group direct actions, big street demonstrations, and agitation among the unconvinced as different tactics for anti-war activists; the implications for the Labour Party; and much more.

A number of comrades have expressed interest in joining the Alliance for Workers' Liberty as a result of the tour.

We need money to cover the costs of the tour and pay for further meetings, as well as our other anti-war activity (leaflets, banners, placards, megaphones, etc). Please contribute! Cheques to AWL, P O Box 823, London SE15 4NA.

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