Army attacks Israeli peace activists

Submitted by martin on 27 December, 2003 - 9:00

Press release from comrades in Israel
Israeli peace activist was injured by the Israeli Occupation Forces near the village of Masha by two live bullets. His leg was broken; he lost too much blood and was taken unconscious to the hospital. Another young activist, Jonathan Polack, was arrested.
The IOF soldiers shot many live bullets and spread lacrimatory gas on a group of 200 peace activists, Israelis and Internationals, and local Palestinians, who arrived to ruin the gate in the Israeli Apartheid Wall which prevents the inhabitants of the village from having free access to their lands.

"There was nothing dangerous in our action which can justify the use in live fire by the soldiers," says the friends of the activist who was badly shout by the Israeli Occupation Forces. According to those activists, the entire event was documented by photos and video camera.

They arrived on 12.30 pm in order to break into the gate and let the Palestinians have free access to their expropriated lands. The Israeli Occupation Authorities promised the Palestinians that they will have free access but this promise was exposed as ugly lie. The poor Palestinians were left without any valuable source of livelihood. The action was organized as a part of the alternative protest camp which was built a week ago in the Dir Balut village and was manned by peace activists, Israelis and Palestinians. It was located in a school whose building remained unfinished due to the expropriation of Palestinian lands in order to unable the construction of the Apartheid-style Wall.

The activists, mainly the group Anarchists Against the Wall, are calling for active resistance against the Israeli brutality policies conducted by Ariel Sharon's war government. The international media is invited to see in which ways Israel is making the lives of thousands of Palestinians impossible, advancing the settlements' brutal project and fooling the entire world.

These anti-occupation operations are lively alternative to a reality of bloody occupation, brutal expropriation of lands and terrible State-Terror conducted by Israel's military. The Israeli policies within the Occupied Territories are creating the social and human basis for active military terrorist-style operations inside Israel's territory against Israeli citizens. The innocent victims of the cruel occupation policy are Israelis and Arabs, all of them doomed to life of fear due to Israel's State-Terror.

It is about time to remove Sharon's bloody government and to pave the path towards self-determination for the Palestinian people which will build their independent socialist state alongside the socialist state of Israel.

No more Palestinian Ghettos!
Release the political prisoners!
Crush the Apartheid Wall!
Down with the Occupation!
For Israeli-Palestinian socialist future!

Gush Shalom ad published in Ha'aretz
December 26, 2003


"As long as the occupation continues the number of conscientious objectors" will grow," said last week Adam Ma'or, 19, one of the five objectors now being tried by the military court in Jaffa.

A few days later, the fighters of the elite commando unit, Sayeret Matkal, refused to serve the occupation, as did before them the 27 combat pilots of the Air Force.

Conscientious refusal is not any more a marginal occurrence. It has reached the very heart of the Israeli army.

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