Argentinian workers strike for higher pay

Submitted by Anon on 16 August, 2005 - 10:29

Argentinian rail workers joined health workers, dockers and others in a 24-hour strike on Thursday 28 July, demanding higher pay.

Rail union reps said that after the failure of negotiations for over 100 days they decided to strike. They also warned that if there is no agreement in a week, they will escalate the action to 36 hours, with a 48 hour strike the following week.

The capital Buenos Aires came to a standstill, with buses also disrupted. Only the tube system carried on running.

Health workers were also out on a 72 hour strike. Pay in their sector has been frozen for almost fifteen years. The workers held a general assembly and decided to reject the government proposal of 20% increase in pay, saying this was less than half what they needed. A four day strike is planned unless a better offer is tabled.

Medical research centres, Congressional employees and Mar del Plata port workers were also on strike in July.

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