Argentina: workers' occupation fights to survive

Submitted by AWL on 6 April, 2003 - 7:19

By the Argentine Solidarity Campaign

Zanon, a ceramics factory in Neuquén, Argentina, has been occupied by its workers since 1 October 2001, when the management attempted to sack nearly half the workforce.
Four months after the start of their occupation, the workers re-established production. They are now able to pay themselves wages of 800 pesos per month. Every worker gets the same amount, even the previously unemployed workers who have been recently taken on. They have won powerful support from the community - teachers, health sector workers, unemployed organisations and the Mapuche indigenous population of the region.

Attempts to evict them have been fought by the workers, with the support of the community. Despite this massive support they are now facing a new attempt to evict them. The courts have now authorised the use of force to evict the Zanon workers from the factory.

A committee for the defence of the Zanon factory was set up on 17 March, demanding:
* Stop the eviction
* Stop the repression
* Work, dignity and justice

To help the committee's work, email
For more detailed information about Zanon email

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