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Support the Basra oil union and a Workers' Conference

Support the Basra Oil Union!

The Southern Oil Company Trade Union stresses its autonomy and independence from any political parties and agendas.

The Basra Oil Union represents more than 30,000 oil and gas sector workers in the British-occupied south.

Due to its size and pivotal role to the Iraqi economy and also the profits and privatisation motives of the Occupation and neo-Baathist government, the Union is on the front line of the struggle to keep Iraqi resources and reconstruction in the hands of Iraq workers and communities.

Since the fall of the regime:
- SOC union have collectively expelled a number of their Baathist managers and some foreign workers.
- SOC workers have carried out autonomous reconstruction of workplaces.
- SOC workers have won raises in our wages.
- SOC workers and Basra Pipeline workers also shut down all exports for a period during the siege and attack on Najaf.

How to help
- Please pass motions and resolutions of recognition, solidarity and support through your local union branches.
- Write messages of solidarity direct to Basra oil workers.
- Raise money for the union — funds will go towards further autonomous reconstruction, strike support funds, publicity and out-reach for the union.
- Provide research on British companies currently actively privatising in the British-occupied south in terms of: corruption, corporate crime, ties to the British government, and policy and practical response to unions, workers’ rights and strike activity.

More information:
- Ewa Jasiewicz, UK contact for the Southern Oil Company Trade Union, and Iraq Occupation Focus activist:
- Also

A workers’ conference

The Federation of Workers’ Councils and Unions in Iraq (FWCUI) are holding a conference for workers of the southern parts of Iraq in Basra on 25 November 2004.

This is supported by: Southern Oil Company Trade Union, Power Distribution Company, River Transportation, harbour workers, construction workers, Gas Company workers and many others.

The goal of the conference is to organise and unite the workers of the southern region which includes Basra, Imara, Nassiriya, Najaf, and Samawa.

This conference also aims to form a united leadership for workers in southern parts of Iraq. The conference will discuss the following issues:

1. A draft for a labour law put forward on the basis of the current international standards.

2. Methods by which workers can intervene in the political situation in Iraq and put an end to the current instability and insecurity. How to establish a secular and non-ethnocentric government where the rights of all residents of Iraq are protected, and they are treated equally regardless of their gender, religion, nationality, and ethnicity and in compliance with the Geneva convention on human rights.

The conference will also discuss and endorse a number of resolutions crucial for the working class struggle in Iraq and also hold elections to form a united leadership to lead the struggle of workers in the days ahead.

The FWCUI are appealing for funds. FWCUI is an independent union who has no support from any government, and relies totally on its membership fees to run its activities.

Therefore, your moral and financial support is the only way to make this conference succeed.

We call on all individuals and organisations worldwide to participate in this conference as observers and we will guarantee your safety, security, and transportations.

Aso Jabbar, Representative Abroad of the Federation of Workers’ Councils and Unions in Iraq-FWCUI and on behalf of Falah Alwan, President of FWCUI.

Donations to be sent to this account:
Lloyds TSB: UUI
Sort code: 30-94-51
Bank Account: 11610268
PO Box 1575, Ilford IG1 3BZ

Solidarity messages to be sent to this contact address abroad:
UUI, Post Box 325, 3000 Bern 11, Switzerland;
tel: 0041 78 882 55 89

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