1917 + 90: Why Should You Care About the Russian Revolution? A dayschool, 1 September

Submitted by Anon on 24 August, 2007 - 5:44

A dayschool for new activists

For various reading about the Russian revolution, click here.

For a downloadable leaflet, click here.

12-5.30pm, Saturday 1 September, The Lucas Arms, Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross (Kings Cross rail or tube)

This year is the 90th anniversary of the Russian revolution. But why take the Russian revolution as a model? Isn't it irrelevant nowadays, or worse, proof that revolution can't work? Didn't the Bolsheviks lead to Stalin's dictatorship?

We will be discussing the idea that the revolution was a high point - even the hight point - in working-class history so far, and that understanding the experience of the Russian workers in 1917 and after is crucial to fighting for a society without exploitation or oppression today.

For more information including reading, or to pre-register, please email Robin robsivapalan@hotmail.com or ring 07974 331 053

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