Workers' Fight magazine, 1967-8

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Workers' Fight 1

First series of Workers' Fight, 1967-9

Eight duplicated (roneographed) issues of its magazine were produced by the Workers' Fight group, forerunner of AWL, in 1967-8, before it merged with IS (forerunner of the SWP) in late 1968, and reorganised as the Trotskyist Tendency within IS/SWP, and one issue of Workers' Fight was produced by the Trotskyist Tendency in 1969. Also included on this page are two small pamphlets, "US get out of Vietnam now!" and "For a Trotskyist Regroupment", which were the first publications of the Workers' Fight group.

US get out of Vietnam now!
For a Trotskyist regroupment

Workers' Fight no.1, October 1967
Workers Fight no.1

Workers' Fight no.2, December 1967
Workers Fight no.2

Workers' Fight no.3, January 1968
Workers Fight no.3

Workers' Fight no.4, February 1968
Workers Fight no.4

Workers' Fight no.5, April 1968
Workers Fight no.5

Workers' Fight no.6, May 1968
Workers Fight no.6

Workers' Fight no.7, June 1968
Workers Fight no.7

Workers' Fight no.8, August 1968
Workers Fight no.8

Workers' Fight, issue produced inside IS, 1969

Articles from the Workers' Fight magazine produced in 1969:
Why we joined IS
Cliff on substitutionism (a reprint of Cliff's 1960 article)

The politics of IS
Workers' Fight, issue produced inside IS, 1969

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