Fighting Tube cuts and closures

Submitted by AWL on 10 June, 2014 - 3:34

Solid strike action in February and April has forced London Underground to concede on some aspects of its cuts plan.

The strikes secured guarantees from management that no worker would lose salary as a result of any changes, a commitment they had previously been unwilling to make.
But the threat to 953 jobs, and 270 ticket offices, remains. As well as its industrial campaign, the RMT union is supporting a political fight against cuts and closures, linking up with disabled people, pensioners, students, and others through the Hands Off London Transport campaign coalition. Ticket offices closures and staffing cuts are deeply unpopular with London's travelling public, and the HOLT campaign can help turn up the political pressure on LU bosses and their political masters in Boris Johnson's City Hall regime.

HOLT plans a day of action on Friday 13 June, timed to coincide with what would have been Bob Crow's birthday, featuring leafleting, demonstrations, and other actions at local station.

RMT is also sponsoring the "Listen to London" conference on 26 July, where labour-movement and working-class community campaigns will have a chance to feed into a consultation on the future of the Tube — a consultation that LU has, so far, steadfastly refused to organise, because it knows how unpopular its proposals are.While there is still a lot of work to do to ensure that HOLT and the 26 July event fulfil their potential, they show how our unions can use public political campaigning to widen support. The fight against job cuts and closures on the Tube is not just an industrial battle over workers' economic issues, it is a political fight that goes to the heart of what kind of public transport we want in London.

Supporters of Off The Rails' sister publication on London Underground, Tubeworker, have been central to getting HOLT off the ground, and will continue to be active in fighting for a public political campaign alongside industrial action.

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