May elections

Submitted by Matthew on 7 May, 2014 - 11:15

In the 22 May council elections, the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is making a big effort to stand 561 candidates. In the European elections on the same day, No2EU will field 46 candidates in seven regions. The Left Unity group is standing only 12 council candidates across the country.

TUSC is an electoral alliance mainly of the Socialist Party and the leadership of the RMT union. It also involves the Independent Socialist Network and the Socialist Workers’ Party. Its platform is pretty much limited to opposing cuts.

Steve Hedley of the RMT is a TUSC candidate in East Ham; the International Socialist Network is petitioning TUSC to withdraw him.

No2EU promotes British withdrawal from the European Union as the answer to social evils. Although No2EU claims to be left wing, its website deplores “free movement” of workers as producing a “race to the bottom”.

It is an alliance of the RMT, the Communist Party of Britain and the SP.

The Socialist Party has candidates on No2EU lists, but promotes it little, and seems embarrassed.

Although many TUSC candidates are good activists, the TUSC-No2EU combo cannot be considered a workable version of what it is, a “propaganda” alternative. Socialists will have to vote Labour and step up the fight in the unions.

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