Socialism, Revolution, and Stalinism: Nottingham AWL study course 2014

Submitted by martin on 25 March, 2014 - 11:13

Session 1

Socialism, Revolution and War 1914-1921

“The International Character of the Russian Revolution”

The Bolsheviks Come to Power (excerpt) Alexander Rabinowitch

The Bolsheviks Come to Power.pdf

The Bolsheviks In Power (excerpt) Alexander Rabinowitch

The Bolsheviks in Power Alexander Rabinowitch.pdf


Chronology Russian 1921-1929.pdf

Chronology International 1889-1924.pdf

Session 2

Trotsky’s New Course and the Industrialisation Debate 1922-1929

“The NEP and Bureaucratism” and all chapters upto and including “The Triumph of Stalin”

Session 3

Stalin's Industrial Revolution 1930-1941

Read excerpts from Soviet Workers and Stalinist Industrialisation by Donald Filtzer



Session 4

Socialism after 1941

“The Right Wing is Crushed” and all remaining chapters

 “The End of Socialism” (excerpt)

The End of Socialism Max Shachtman (excerpt).pdf

“The Fate of the Russian Revolution” (excerpt)

The Fate of the Russian Revolution.pdf

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