Budget = cuts

Submitted by Matthew on 19 March, 2014 - 10:18

On 19 March, George Osborne will deliver another cuts budget. He has made clear that the Tories will continue slashing public spending, despite forecasts of economic recovery.

The situation is looking extremely bleak for public services even without new announcements.

Of the cuts in spending already proposed by the government, the Institute for Fiscal Studies reckons 65% of them are still to come. This at a time when key services like the NHS are creaking beneath the pressure of under-funding.

Further cuts will have a disastrous impact on public services and the millions of working-class people who rely on them.

Keen to curry favour with voters ahead of next year’s general election, Osborne is likely announce a number of initiatives which, superficially, appear to help the worse-off. Tax cuts, for example, will be central to his programme.

However, the meagre benefits these will have for most tax-payers (as opposed to the very rich) will be heavily outweighed by cuts in other areas.

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