Lament for Comrade Leonid Brezhnev (1982)

Submitted by dalcassian on 12 March, 2014 - 7:40

The achievements of an 18 year reign:

*Re-Stalinisation of the USSR
*Invasion of Czechoslovakia on the 20th August 1968 to snuff out “socialism with a human face”.
*Savage anti-working class repression in the USSR and Eastern Europe.
*Invaded Afghanistan in December 1979.
*Thereby gave a tremendous boost to the imperialist arms drive.
*Threatened to invade Poland unless Solidarnosc is destroyed. Martial law declared in Poland in December 1981, Solidsrnosc formally banned in October 1982
*November 1982: he dies – unfortunately in bed.

His successor,Yuri Andropov, presided as USSR Ambassador in Budapest over the suppression of the Hungarian workers' revolution and of the Hungarian people, in 1956. Was head of the K G B – backbone of the Stalinist police state – for 15 years.

Pledges to continue Brezhnev's policies, and is certain whatever changes occur to continue the anti-working class repressive core of Brezhnev's policies. Unlikely to get an international relaxation of tension because the US ruling class needs the tension to whip into line the American people who so recently revolted against their ruling class's war in Vietnams.

What was said for others will bear repetition for Brezhnev:

He was a rotten bastard – Hell roast him! Soon may the Russian workers send his successor speeding after him.


Socialist Organiser, November 18, 1982

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