Teachers' campaign to meet

Submitted by AWL on 28 January, 2014 - 6:19

The Local Associations National Action Campaign (LANAC) will hold a campaign conference in Leicester on Saturday 1 February.

LANAC is the rank-and-file network which has been central to organising resistance to the National Union of Teachers (NUT) leadership’s conservatism and vacillation in the ongoing dispute over pay, pensions, and workload.

The main strategy motion proposed to the conference calls for the NUT to adopt a strategy that includes:

• A calendar of ongoing national action – not just isolated strike days

• Escalation from one to two-day action – warning Gove that more could follow

• Collections for hardship funds to allow maximum participation in strike action

• Co-ordinating action with other unions, including, if they are willing, the NASUWT

• A national work-to-rule to resist any attempt to worsen conditions

• A public campaign to build support for our action and to defend education

The motion also calls for LANAC to stand candidates in the NUT’s upcoming General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary elections. A LANAC challenge for those positions could draw clear red lines between the rank-and-file of the union and the current “left” leaders, Christine Blower and Kevin Courtnay.

For more information on the LANAC conference, see here.

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