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Submitted by Matthew on 15 January, 2014 - 11:47

2014 began with brutal repression of the Cambodian garment workers — five workers were murdered by the military police and many others jailed, after a successful fight to increase their bare subsistence wages. The best new year’s resolution socialists can make is to fight harder to put an end to this brutal capitalist system.

How to begin, and how to sustain a fight against capitalism? And, indeed — how to fight?

Educating ourselves — in theory and the historical, global experiences of working-class fighters — makes a huge difference. In the long-run only well-educated revolutionaries can hope to play a part in reviving socialist struggle and making sure it succeeds. The AWL is organising for revolutionary-democratic socialist ideas within the labour movement, to help ourselves and others educate themselves for a militant anti-capitalist fight. We produce this paper to help us do that. We publish books to help us do that. And we maintain a website to help us do that.

But our website needs refurbishing. is a fantastic archive. Not only does it hold back copies of Solidarity and our journal Workers’ Liberty but there are many pamphlets, classical Marxist texts, articles from the archive of third camp Trotskyism, debates, educational materials, and articles that have not be published in any other place. However, right now it is a bit like Karl Marx’s desk — piled high with wonderful manuscripts, which would be fantastic to read if only you knew what you were looking for and where to find it.

This year we want to overhaul the look and accessibility of our website. To do that we need to raise money to employ a part-time web administrator. We also need “seed money” to publish more books and booklets. And money to fund another person to work on all our publications.

Will you help us? If you think that our ideas matter, if you think that any aspect of our work is valuable, you should support us both financially and through getting involved in our activity.

We are launching a new drive to raise £12,000 by our AGM in October 2014.

You can set up a regular payment with your bank to ours (Account name: AWL. Sort code: 08-60-01. Account: 20047674. Unity Trust Bank, Nine Brindleyplace, Birmingham, B1 2HB), send a cheque to us at the address below (cheques payable to “AWL”), or donate online Take copies of Solidarity to sell at your workplace, university/college, or campaign group, or organise a fundraising event. And get in touch to discuss joining the AWL!

More information: 07796 690 874 / / AWL, 20E Tower Workshops, 58 Riley Road, London SE1 3DG.

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