Israel: African migrants strike against racism

Submitted by Matthew on 8 January, 2014 - 1:09

Tens of thousands of African migrants have taken part in strikes and protests in Israel. The protesters rallied in Tel Aviv on the 5 January, demanding an end to harassment and deportation by the state, and for recognition of their status as refugees.

Thousands of people flee to Israel from countries such as Eritrea and Ethiopia in the hope of escaping poverty and conflict. However, many arrive only to face racism, precarious work, and the constant threat of detention and deportation.

Migrant workers have accompanied their demonstrations with strikes. Many shops and cafes rely on migrant staff, and the strike is designed to demonstrate the importance of African migrants to Israeli society.

The government of Benjamin Netanyahu has so far refused to yield, stating that it intends to continue deportations. On the morning of the 7 January, strikers gathered in Levinsky Square, Tel Aviv, to discuss the next steps for their campaign.

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