An Solas/Workers' Republic, 1966-8, and Workers' Republic, 1968

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Workers' Republic

The activists of the Workers' Fight group (forerunners of AWL) in 1966-8 also produced five issues of An Solas/ Workers' Republic, the theoretical journal of the Irish Workers' Group. This page also includes the two issues of Workers' Republic published by the London League for a Workers' Republic in 1968.

More IWG texts at

An Solas no.15/16, Autumn-Winter 1966
Workers Republic no.15/16

Workers' Republic no.17, Spring 1967
Workers Republic no.17

Workers' Republic no.18, May-June 1967
Workers Republic no.18

Workers' Republic no.19, Midsummer 1967
Workers Republic no.19

Workers' Republic no.20, Winter 1967-8
Workers Republic no.20

Workers' Republic series 2 no.1, May-June 1968

Workers Republic 2-1

Workers' Republic series 2 no.2, July-August 1968

Workers Republic 2-1

Contents of "Irish Workers' Group" folder in AWL archive at the London School of Economics library

Contents of "Irish Workers' Group" folder:

1. League for the Workers' Republic and Workers' Fight group discussion (new series: no.1)


The future of the IBs (Internal Bulletins) by Sean Matgamna
The role of the I.S. in the I.W.G. by Paddy Healy
The revolutionary party in Ireland by Sean Matgamna
What is the I.S. by Sean Matgamna

2. Internal Bulletin of the Irish Workers’ Group (Discussion no 2) (two copies and one photocopy)

Proposed draft constitution of the IWG – Preamble

3. Draft preamble of the constitution – a reply to comrade McFarlane by Sean Matgamna

4. Draft Manifesto – To the Workers' Republic of Ireland (Photocopy of manuscript – early 1971).

5. Photocopy of first page of typewritten letter to Paddy Healy in reply to points made on Czechoslovakia – Written jointly by Sean Matgamna with Phil Semp, but not signed (28/8/1968)

6. “The Plague of the Prophet”
Who said it? (all quotes from Trotsky)
Revolutionary socialism: A restatement. (Published by Sean Treacy, 24 Overton Road, London SW9)

7. A declaration of the Trotskyist faction. Signed: C. Hussey (Secretary, Trotskyist faction), Sean Matgamna (Editor, W.R.), R. Matgamna (Bus. Manager, W.R.), Liam Boyle (Nat. Secretary, IWG), P. Semp, G. Atkinson, C. Quinlan (Sec. & Treas., Che Guevara Branch), Sean Boyle, Liam Daltun (two copies)

Appendix: A statement from Liam Boyle (one copy)

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