Spaces in schools

Submitted by Matthew on 11 December, 2013 - 12:17

I missed an important point in my article in Solidarity 305 (“How schools should change” 27 November).

Schools should include comfortable spaces for students to socialise in their breaks from study. They don’t.

Schools provide staffrooms and workrooms (good or not-so-good) for staff, and sometimes common-rooms for older (Sixth Form) students. The other students, for their breaks, are bundled out into playgrounds, often cramped, often bleak, often raucous, often cold and damp, where there isn’t even space to sit down comfortably.

The traditional refuge of the shy or timid student, the school library, often restricts entry in break times.

Rebuilt or new-built schools generally have huge atria as show-off spaces for the architect, but smaller libraries than old schools.

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