French Marxists warn of NF danger

Submitted by Matthew on 13 November, 2013 - 11:15

“There is a real danger that the National Front might seize control at the local level (city councils for example) and perhaps even join the government”.

This is the view of the French revolutionary socialist group L’Etincelle in the perspectives document for its congress on 9-10 November.

The danger, so the comrades argued, cannot be countered by seeking a catch-all left unity with the Socialist Party, now in government.

The electoral rise of the National Front comes from people’s discontent at the unrelievedly pro-capitalist policies of the Socialist Party government and the chauvinist agitation - most recently against Roma people - pushed by the SP itself, perhaps in an effort to outbid the NF.

Most workers are convinced — and maybe it is even true — that the NF has changed itself into a far-right and racist, but not really fascist, party.

L’Etincelle plans to build on mobilisations like the recent strikes and demonstrations by high school students in protest at the deportation of two students of immigrant background.

The group seeks to take its message into factories through its 42 regular workplace bulletins,.

But the congress stressed that, to gain the political means to do such work, “it will be critical (at least in the near future) to prioritise recruiting young militants”, mainly in university campuses and high schools.

The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, which publishes Solidarity, sent a delegate to L’Etincelle’s congress, as L’Etincelle sent one to our AWL conference on 26-27 October.

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