Police protect EDL in Bradford

Submitted by Matthew on 16 October, 2013 - 11:04

On Saturday 12 October around 250 people demonstrated with the English Defence League in Bradford.

Heavy policing ensured large parts of the city were shut down.

The EDL had previously targeted the city in 2010. That was one of the few occasions when they were clearly routed by the anti-fascist opposition.

On 12 October up to 200 anti-fascists and locals turned out against the racists of the EDL. Although the poor weather and a union-backed anti fascist march in Liverpool at the same time probably had an effect, this was disappointing.

Leeds Anti Fascist Network and Bradford Anti Fascists leafletting and organised for local people to come to the city centre and oppose the EDL directly and on the day leafletting to build a Bradford Anti Fascist Network.

The left and trade union movement must do much better at co-ordinating and mobilising against the racists and fascists.

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