Greek workers rally against fascist killers

Submitted by Matthew on 25 September, 2013 - 1:50

At midnight on Tuesday 17 September, anti-fascist musician Paul Fyssas was knifed to death in Piraeus, near Athens, by a fascist, Giorgos Roupakas.

Thirty thugs from the fascist Golden Dawn movement were waiting outside the cafe where Paul was watching a football match. They had been mobilised by mobile phone.

Thirty against one! And even then, they relied on their chosen thug, Roupakas, to do the killing.

Then Roupakas’s party disowned him. Pretended not to know him!

The internet and the newspapers carried pictures of the killer hugging prominent Golden Dawn MPs. Golden Dawn leader Ilias Kasidiaris said that whoever dared accuse Golden Dawn for the murder would be prosecuted.

But the killer had asked his wife to dispose of his Golden Dawn membership card. He was working at a Golden Dawn café. His wife was the cleaner at the Golden Dawn local office.

An interview given by a former member of Golden Dawn to the newspaper Ethnos (20 and 21 September), and other reports, revealed that at Golden Dawn offices there is a closed core of activists under military discipline. Such people carried out the attack on Paul, and the attack in Perama, near Piraeus, on 12 September, which hospitalised nine Communist Party (KKE) members who had been flyposting.

They are equipped with weapons, hidden from police raids thanks to information given them by police who are members of Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn makes money by selling the clothes that their sympathisers give them as “solidarity for the underprivileged”, to Pakistani immigrants who sold them at street markets. They have set up tariffs. 100 euros to break an arm, 200 euros to break a leg,1000 euros to burn a car, 1500-2000 euros to send someone to the hospital for a month.

On 18 September, thousands of anti-fascists filled the streets of the Keratsini district of Piraeus and of dozens of cities nationwide.

On 21 September, a new demonstration in Piraeus was called by the seafaring and ship-repair unions. Under this pressure, Golden Dawn postponed all its events planned for the weekend.

A big anti-fascist rally has been called by the unions in the private and public sector in Athens on Wednesday 25th, the day of a general strike of public sector workers.

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