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Submitted by AWL on 23 April, 2013 - 11:01

Bromley council workers blackmailed

Tory-controlled Bromley council has threatened to sack workers unless they agree to new, worse, contracts, imposed without consultation. As Solidarity went to press, Unite was reporting that up to 500 workers had not met the council’s 23 April deadline for accepting the new contracts and therefore faced the sack.

A union statement said: “While the majority of the workforce has accepted the new local contracts under duress, more than 500 workers don’t want to be bullied into accepting inferior contracts which slash pay and conditions.

“The threat to sack these workers by the close of play on Tuesday (23 April) unless they sign the new contracts (or face the so-called ‘dismissal and re-engagement’ process) smacks of blackmail.

“Workers should not be penalised for valiantly upholding the principle and reality of agreements negotiated nationally.”

Gateshead steel strike

Workers at Union Electric Steel in Gateshead have so far struck three times in a dispute over their 2013 pay review. Strikes took place on 10 April, 21 April, and 23 April.

Messages of solidarity can be sent via Unite Regional Officer Nick Halton to:

BBC tour guides strike

Tour guides at the British Broadcasting Corporation struck on 23 April in protest at 17% pay cut.

The guides, who are members of the broadcasting union BECTU, previously struck over four days from 4-7 April. A work-to-rule, involving strict adherence to contracted hours and all workers taking their full, paid, 60-minute lunch break, also begins from 23 April.

More Post Office strikes on the way

Communication Workers Union (CWU) officials have promised an escalation of action in a dispute involving Crown Post Office workers.

Workers struck for half a day on 19 April, but CWU officer Andy Furey said: "If the Post Office doesn't face up to the concerns of its staff and the communities it's meant to serve, then we will waste no time in issuing notice for more strike action, increasing the frequency and duration.

"We've tried to keep disruption to a minimum but this is clearly not getting through to Post Office management. Full day strikes will be next on the agenda."

The dispute centres on planned cuts and closures to Crown Post Office outlets.

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