Help us raise £15,000

Submitted by Matthew on 16 April, 2013 - 8:57

Thanks to the donations of comrades and supporters, the AWL office will be taking delivery of a new top-of-the-range digital duplicator in the next two weeks. That means we’ll be able to increase production of our workplace bulletins and other leaflets, making sure our members have printed literature as well as online material to read with contacts.

There are other ongoing projects and initiatives for which we need financial support. In the last year, we’ve widened our network of international contacts – we need funds to pay for travel to bring them to the UK and to send AWL comrades to visit them.

Our May Day solidarity greetings appeal is also picking up pace. This week we received messages from Notts Trades Council and Camden 3 branch of the RMT that they’d like to take out a solidarity advert in our May Day issue. Will your union branch do the same? A two column space (78mm x 84 mm, 10-30 words) is £15, and three columns (78mm x 174mm, 50-70 words) is £25. Please do not send us artwork but a copy of your logo or graphic you would like to use (preferably electronically, or camera-ready) and the text of your greetings/message. The deadline is Monday 29 April.

* Taking out a monthly standing order using the form below or at Please post completed forms to us at the AWL address below.

* Making a donation by cheque, payable to “AWL”, or donating online at

* Organising a fundraising event.

* Taking copies of Solidarity to sell.

* Get in touch to discuss joining the AWL. More information: 07796 690874 / / AWL, 20E Tower Workshops, 58 Riley Road, London SE1 3DG.

Total raised so far: £9,701

We raised £285 this week in donations with more promised. Thanks to Paul, Stephen, Paulette and Mike.

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