Voices from the PCS Budget Day strike

Submitted by Matthew on 27 March, 2013 - 10:55

“I’m really glad we’re doing it, I just wish we had more people along. There are a lot of different strands of action. It would help if we had one or two clear demands. Some members are disheartened because it isn’t coordinated with other unions but I think we’re the catalyst for other unions to take action. The teachers plan to take action soon.”


“We’ve made a big dent on the peers dining. They’ve had to cancel all functions today. They are hitting the bottom grade staff the hardest when we’re the ones that work the hardest. We already have the lowest pay for the longest hours. We’re striking because they’re trying to cut our overtime. We have 25 chefs out today. It’s great PCS called a strike — there needs to be more of this.”

Parliament chefs

“It’s going well. It’s always a bit shaky here plus people are hard-up, there is a pay freeze. It would be better if other unions joined us but someone had to make the stand. There is more of a plan by the look of it. More of a campaign instead of just a one-day strike; also, the teachers have called action now. I’m sure there will be a link-up between us. It’s great that the TUC have started leading — so many people are affected by these cuts.”


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