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Submitted by Matthew on 6 March, 2013 - 11:33

According to Forbes magazine, there are now 1,426 billionaires on the planet with a total net worth of $5.4 trillion (around £3.5 trillion).

What does £3.5 trillion mean? The entire UK budget deficit is less than 0.01% of that amount. A global tax of just a few percent on the wealth of the super rich could wipe out the alleged economic “need” for austerity policies across the globe. The world’s rich, and the governments that serve them, have used the economic crisis to screw down social costs. They have increased their wealth while the rest of us suffer.

Workers’ Liberty exists to fight for a world in which the immense wealth that modern, globalised capitalist society has created is not concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite but democratically managed by those who produce it.

Workers’ Liberty has, of course, written to all 1,426 of these worthy individuals to ask for donations to our fund appeal. We’ll keep you informed as the replies come in. But in the meantime, why not donate some money yourself, just in case our letters to the billionaires get lost in the post.

Help us raise £15,000 by May Day 2013. You can contribute in the following ways:

* Taking out a monthly standing order using the form below or at Please post completed forms to us at the AWL address below.

* Making a donation by cheque, payable to “AWL”, or donating online at

* Organising a fundraising event.

* Taking copies of Solidarity to sell.

* Get in touch to discuss joining the AWL. More information: 07796 690874 / / AWL, 20E Tower Workshops, 58 Riley Road, London SE1 3DG.

Total raised so far: £8,017

We raised £735 this week. This comprised £105 in donations at our Industrial School, £30 at a recent London forum and individual donations. Thanks to Dave and Alistair.

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