Student feminist conference

Submitted by Matthew on 1 March, 2013 - 5:08

The London Student Feminist Network organised a conference on 23-24 February, Student Feminists 2013.

Around 80 people attended on the first day, fewer on the second.

The conference encompassed a variety of workshops, including ones on sex worker activism, Education for Choice and further education activism. Others were more experiential.

A Workers’ Liberty/ Women’s Fightback session was on women education workers including information about Action for ESOL, the Postgraduate Workers’ Association and the 3 Cosas cleaners’ campaign.

It is very positive that this initiative has been made, but in future it would be useful to have more nitty-gritty discussions about “what kind of feminism?” and what sorts of activities feminist students need to organis in order to respond to sexism we face.

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