Some merit in Jon Cruddas

Submitted by Matthew on 1 March, 2013 - 5:23

“Who decides Labour’s Policies?” (Solidarity 275) made thoughtful reading.

It’s certainly true that the Labour Party needs more democracy, just like most other parts of our society. There should be a greater emphasis placed on events such as the party Conference deciding party policies. The days of top-down policy making really was a feature of New Labour. We need a genuinely “new” Labour Party that is more democratic, socialist and orientated to working people.

Fewer policy wonks, and more workers, are needed. All too often politics and political parties have become very middle-class. Fewer working-class people seem to be getting elected or selected in politics. And we’ve got to change that, in order to change society.

I do think, however, that the ideas of Jon Cruddas have some merit. It’s important we push for the Living Wage everywhere in the economy and support more social homes being built. I’d support a mansion tax, as well. These things would create a more equal society, and draw more working people back into politics.

Working people need greater control over their workplaces, too.

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