The SWP: its crisis, its history, its politics

Submitted by martin on 26 February, 2013 - 1:32
  • The SWP crisis of 2013
  • The SWP crisis of 2013: weblinks to all the main documents
  • The SWP and "Leninism": response to Alex Callinicos's "Is Leninism finished?"
  • Where will SWP opposition go? (comment on ISO-USA and Socialist Alternative)
  • The political record of SWP-IS
  • The formation of the SWP (Workers' Liberty 3/38), by Sean Matgamna
  • The paradoxes of Tony Cliff, 1917-2000: a critical memoir, by Sean Matgamna
  • "Si monumentum requiris, circumspice": review by Paul Hampton of Ian Birchall's biography of Tony Cliff
  • The Northern Ireland crisis of 1968-9 and the left: a 12-part series including coverage of the iS (SWP)'s line
  • The politics of IS (SWP): a 1969 polemic on IS's switch from concocted "Luxemburgism" to a "Leninism" redefined as administrative centralisation
  • IS and Ireland: 1969 Workers' Fight pamphlet
  • The IS-SWP tradition: a Workers' Liberty symposium
  • Steve Jefferys
  • Ken Coates, Sheila Rowbotham, Stan Newens, the ISG
  • Jim Higgins, James D Young, Mike McGrath
  • John Palmer
  • Pete Keenlyside
  • Also
  • Alex Callinicos and the future of the SWP: Workers' Liberty 3/33
  • AWL versus SWP: educational and background texts
  • "Neither plague nor cholera": open letter to SWP about their call for a vote for the Muslim Brotherhood
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